End Time

We are there folks.  If you are watching, then it cannot be denied that the book of Revelation is upon us.  Join us in studying the fast approaching final Trumpet call and the Tribulation.

Disclaimer: I may or may not agree with everything posted here and all studies are the views of the author, however, if you allow the Holy Spirit to lead you then it will be the Word of God that ultimately directs you.

NB: All works are attributed to their authors.  Endtime Studies makes no claim to the content and this website is merely a means of bringing watchmen and women together in one place for your benefit.

Have you been left behind??

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Some of the topics below may be controversial, however they are not salvation matters. With things moving so fast and end times ramping up, salvation is the only sure thing. We can learn to agree to disagree on many matters as long as we can all agree that Jesus Christ is the only way to be saved.

Flat Earth

So is earth a globe, as we have been taught, or is it flat, as many are starting to believe? You all know what has been presented to the world up to now but lets see what some of our ‘flat earthers’ have to share.

Nibiru - Planet X

Is there a hidden planet? Many believe that Nibiru, or Planet X as it is often referred to, is heading on a collision course with earth. When, how will it impact us, will earth be wiped out??

Pole Shift

Many people have been talking about the earth moving and the poles shifting all involving magnetic north. Could this have happened before and is it about to happen again?