Hope for the Day Poem by Kristi Winland

✝️ What a journey we’re going on.

✝️ What a wild ride.

✝️ So grateful for the Bride of Christ, we’ve done this side by side.

✝️ People scoff “Don’t look at dates”

✝️ They say we’ll never know.

✝️ It’s not about the date, you see; it’s how much we learn and grow.

✝️ Seeking God at every turn, and marveling at His ways,

✝️ He tells us in Psalm 90:12 to learn to number our days.

✝️ Our hope isn’t in a calendar, a feast, or any stars.

✝️ Our hopes in WHO created them. He has brought us all so far.

✝️ So as we pray, hand in hand, for this to be The Day,

✝️ Remember that no matter what, God has the final say.

✝️ We know His plan is perfect.

✝️ His thought thoughts are not our thoughts.

✝️ He has tarried for so long giving ALL that final shot.

✝️ I pray that this is it my friends.

✝️ I pray with all my might.

✝️ But if He says “just a little longer”….

✝️ We know that day’s in sight.

Maranatha friends. 🙏🏻✝️❤️

The spirit and the bride say, “Come Lord Jesus. Come.”