The Good Man by Pyton

The Good Man

Our Creator is like a Good Man, who fell mad in love with a young beautiful woman at first sight. Since then, He did everything He could to woo her. He tried to get her attention and sometimes it worked, but other times not so much. For the young woman did not know the Man and that He was good for her. Therefore, the woman cared more about the things and other people she was already familiar with.

But the Good Man was a Patient Man, and didn’t easily lose His temper or get angry. So during the times when He successfully held the attention of the young woman, He told her about Himself. He confessed and expressed His deep feelings and desire for her. He also promised all kinds of things to her, great and marvellous sights, everything she desired He was willing to give to her, if she agreed to become His. But the woman, in her distraction, did not give the Good Man enough opportunities to make His intentions fully known to her and to prove Himself and His Words.

One day the young woman got involved in trouble. She was betrayed by the people she loved and trusted. They have conspired against her in secret, for in their heart they were jealous of her beauty. In order to win her trust, they lied and told her that they love her and can fulfill her heart’s desire. And when she believed them, they manipulated her and robbed her of everything she had and was worth in their sight until there was nothing more left for her. That was the time when these liars decided to kill her.

So they bound her up in a shelter and set it ablaze so that she would die by fire. But at the last moment when her fate of certain death was sealed, when the flames were just about to reach and devour her, the Good Man came and saw the woman and He untied her and carried her out to a safe place. There, He collapsed on the ground. But the woman was not hurt or injured, for He protected her all the way to the safe place, shielded from any flames or falling objects. Once the woman collected herself and saw that she was safe, she looked at the Good Man. He was mortally wounded because of all the burns and objects that had struck and smitten Him. He would die in a few moments.

The woman asked him: “Why did you come to save me and take all the things which you have endured for me upon yourself? I am not worth anything. Everything that I had was taken from me and now even the ones I loved and trusted in, deemed me as worthless and attempted to kill me here. You had no reason to save me!”
The Good Man responded with His last breaths: “I don’t care about all these things you mentioned that were robbed from you. I do not take pleasure in these things.
I Love you. But not like those people loved you. They loved you conditionally. I Love you as your mother loves you. Unconditionally. She loves you because she has conceived you. There never is a time where you should have to earn the love of your mother. That is true Love – the way I Love you. I already have everything. And I am willing to give you everything as my inheritance after my death, as I have promised – if you just say yes, concerning the marriage covenant, before it is too late.

I love you so much, that I am willing to freely take all the pain and suffering that was coming for you unto Myself, and die for you in your place, just to get you safely to that other side. That is My greatest expression of Love over all the other things I promised that I will do for you and that I have already done. Every single time I finally got your attention, and you turned your face to Me, it made My heart jump with Joy. And every time you looked at someone else, I was jealous and My heart melted with longing for your attention. I was always thinking: ‘If she would just give Me more time so that I can show her and convince her of My Goodness and abundant provision so that she can finally be freed from the shackles of the wicked and selfish who do her no good.’ If you would have just realized and Trusted in that, you would have asked Me to shield and separate you from all things that trouble you. But because of your unbelief in My Trustworthiness, Character and Capabilities, you did not ask Me, or seek Me for protection.

Thus, you lived a very burdensome life, full of struggle and hardships. Because in this world, you always have to fulfill the conditions of others to become worthy in their sight and therefore to receive their favour. That requires a lot of effort from you at all times. And it makes you weary to always have to keep your image and appearance up, to always fight for the favour of others or to avoid their spite and hate by constantly trying to minimize all things, which could possibly upset them and make them fall out of favour with you. Some dedicate their entire lives to working on becoming enough; wealthy and independent, so that they do not need the favour of others anymore. They climb a mountain of bodies and bloodshed, surpassing others, destroying other people’s dreams and aspirations, even their happiness, freedoms, wealth and lives; competing with and overcoming them over and over again, just in order to fulfill their own selfish desire. The reward for reaching the top of the mountain, is loneliness and separation from Love. The exhaustion for all the works of the hands of such a person to get to that point are felt all over their body, and the reward for it was not worth all the iniquity they committed.

Isn’t it hard to live constantly with the fear of being discarded?

I have deep compassion for them, but they despised Me. These things should teach you how meaningless it is to pursue them or to put your effort into them and therefore allow them to suck out all of your strength to please them.

Receiving My Love sets you free of all these things, for My burden is light. What I require of you to make our relationship work is just this: Say yes to Me, let me Love you, and Love Me with all your heart and being. If you do that, then I will do all the rest for you and you can always trust that all of my efforts are dedicated to fulfilling all of your heart’s desires. Just like how I die, now, to convince you of My Love for you.”

The Good Man has everything. Even the keys to death and hades. You are not a widow, nor an orphan. The Good Man who woos you, died for your sake, yet lives and He shared His Spirit with you as a deposit so that everyone knows that you are His and one day He will come back to consummate the marriage and take you unto Himself so that where He is, you will also always be.

Abide in His Spirit, of which you can feel the warmth of the Love of your Creator in you, in a place inside of you where He dwells. Not in the cold places of your heart, where there are other spirits of fear or doubt or confusion. There you can’t find him. Follow the heat, and dwell there securely. There your Father is always, to spend time with you. And when you spend time together, the devils cannot accuse you of your sins. For it is written:” There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ” and “I will remember your sins no more.”

Imagine your Beloved finally knocks on your door after He came back from a long journey. How happy it would make you. And while you spend precious time together, satan knocks on the door and accuses you before your Beloved of all kinds of sins that you committed while your Beloved was on His journey. Your Beloved becomes angry with satan, for He has spoken before “I will remember your sins no more” but now someone has rudely interrupted your precious time and has tempted the Most High, to make Him angry again of that which He has already forgiven in His final verdict about the matter. Is there someone who can stand against His Words which He declared and make Him reconsider and change His mind? The one who breaks the written law is satan and He makes your Beloved angry for He has stolen precious time together with you in Love and happiness and tries to seduce you with all kinds of things.

Yet despite all the various seduction methods, your heart still was already occupied with the Joy of your Beloved coming home and your longing for Him. That makes your Beloved proud of you, that even despite all of the offerings from others, attempting to steal your heart, your answer still always remained just Him. And that is what He desires and why He forgives you of all the other sins you committed along the way, because loving Him fulfills all His commandments which are the conditions that make your relationship work. He says to you: Love me, Trust me and Wait for me. I will take care of everything else.

Jesus wants to be your Hero. Let Him be your hero.

He wants to spoil you, even open the gates of heaven to rain down His Good blessings on you. He wants to provide for all your needs. But all these things, require your permission. You have to allow Him, for He is a Beloved that respects your decisions, who does not force His Love on you and He respects the time you need for yourself. He is very patient after all and slow to anger. But if you go on a very dangerous path by cultivating the fruits of bad spirits in his garden; which is His temple, the body the stones, your heart the Holy of Holies; then He will use various means to get your attention back and will unplug that seed of evil which you cultivated and throw it into the fire. This will be very uncomfortable for you for a time but it is for your good because we only have so much time before we either die or judgment comes.

By Miguel Henrichs