The Menorah. It is the Tree of Life. by Pyton

The Menorah. 🕎 It is the Tree of Life.

It serves as a symbol for Elohim (El = God, plural) and their Name is YHVH (behold the hand, behold the nail = Yeshua Ha’Moshiach or Jesus Christ = God is salvation / Emmanuel = God with us)

As there is only one Menorah, one tree of Life, there is also only one God, none like them. They are the source of all things and through their Word all is created with love. They are the life and the truth – their Spirit; meaning their attributes, nature and ideals, revealed in their Law, which was given to and shared with their creatures created in their image; is Holy, for they are the eternal Sovereign, the beginning and the end, and their Law is good, immaculate and just.

The Menorah stands on its foot. This is the root of the tree, it represents the Father, who is Elohim.

The foot carries the shaft. This is the vine of the tree. It represents the Son, Jesus Christ, who is Elohim. The shaft stands upright, for the Son is upright.
To that shaft are connected 7 lamps. These are the branches of the tree, the offspring of the Son, the Second Adam, whom the Father brought fourth as a man through a virgin birth, so as to cut off the seed of the First Adam, who has sinned. The Second Adam joined the Father first, as the First Fruits of the Resurrection. Then follow His offspring, they are the Sons of Elohim (numerical value: 153).

7 is the number of divine completion. It represents the full number of the Sons of Elohim, the elect.

The 7 lamps are connected to the foot of the Menorah through the shaft which enables them to stand upright. This shows how the Sons of Elohim have access to the Father, through the Son, who intercedes for them as their High Priest during their time in the fleshly body, which is still from the seed of the First Adam. Without the Son, there is no way to be reconciled and united with the Father, for the Father and the Son are one. They are Elohim, the only one true God.

The Son glorified the Father with His accomplished works, being obedient and without any blame, fulfilling the Law of Elohim, overcoming the world and the temptation of evil, while he was dwelling in a fleshly human body on earth. So the Father glorified Him as well by raising him to Immortality and giving Him dominion over all created things.

And the Sons of Elohim glorify the Son by doing as He has commanded them. And when they stumble in the weakness of their flesh, Elohim always helps them get up on their feet again and will forgive them so that they may stand upright again. This is the great mercy of Elohim.

Elohim sustains, nourishes and cleanses them through the Holy Spirit who is their unlimited supply of Living Water. Through the Holy Spirit, Elohim is dwelling in their Children and they feel their presence. They have a close relationship with their Father and fully trust and depend on him. They seek refuge in Him and overcome all obstacles through His faithful provision.

Likewise, the Son will glorify the Sons of Elohim to Immortality after they have overcome the world by following the Son’s example and he shall therefore share his inheritance with them and they shall rule and reign together with the Son as co-heirs, for it is not good for a man to be alone.

That is why the Second Adam received a Bride, who was taken from his Body, which he offered up for her unto death, lifted up and nailed on a wooden cross, for the remission of her sins, just like an innocent Lamb that is sacrificed as a scapegoat to replace the guilty who earned the death penalty, so that the Bride may live and can partake in the Son’s Glory and reflect his Light.

She is covered by his shed blood, which impudes the Son’s righteousness on her.

This is the marriage covenant of Love between Elohim and his children – The Gospel.

Through this covenant the Second Adam and the Bride are considered one flesh.

The one who does not have the Son, also does not have the Father. The Son is the only way to the Father, for the Sons of Elohim are one with the Father, through the Son.

The Sons of Elohim cannot hate each other, for they are one family of the House of YHVH.

The lamps of the Menorah burn with the fire of the Holy Spirit, who is Elohim.

After the Son has accomplished his work and returned to the Father, he sent out his seven Spirits to the Sons of Elohim, so that they also become like Elohim and enables them, as the Lamps, to be the Light in the dark world, and as the branches of the Tree of Life, to produce the good Fruits of the Spirit, which are: love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Also patience, unity, humility, compassion and endurance. Against these things there is no Law. Breaking the Law results in death, but the good fruits of the Spirit are evidence of Eternal Life, for they are produced by Elohim, who is the Tree of Life.

The Sons of Elohim are those who were grafted into the Tree of Life. They bring fourth much good fruits of Life and Healing, as long as they abide in the vine. This is how you recognize them.

Blessed is the one who has access to the Fruits of the Spirit, for He will be called a Son of Elohim, living forever and ever.

For this good purpose, Elohim has created the earth and the humans and has allowed these humans to fall into sin and separation, so that they learn about good and evil which enabled them to become Gods.

However, since there can only be one God, the humans cannot be tolerated playing Gods and worshiping their own false Gods, producing all kinds of other Spirits, which are not of the Holy Spirit of Elohim.

To provide the solution to this problem, Elohim committed to work very diligently for 6000 years to reconcile the full number of humans to them, who will be adopted as the Sons of Elohim.

In fact, all humans were invited to become adopted Sons and live forever, but most of them refused to forsake their own Spirits, their own ideas about good and evil, for their pride; the desire to become their own independant Gods with their own Laws beside Elohim; was too great in them.

There can only be one God, that is why they hate Elohim but they also hate each other, for the arrogant have no friends and love cannot be found in them. They are selfish, because they are competing and fighting against each other. Only Elohim is Love. Without Elohim they would make war until they have completely annihilated each other. They will reap the bad fruits of their Spirits, for Elohim is just and He will judge them according to their own works, for they have refused the Lamb, who voluntarily and selflessly died for these humans and demonstrated His great Love so that the lost humans might recognize Elohim and their Goodness in this god-forsaken world, so that they may fall in Love with them as well and choose to become Sons of Elohim, by confessing their sins and accepting the Son with their free will and be redeemed from their sinful nature and the sinful world at the end of the age and enter his Rest for another 1000 years and after that enter Eternity in a new world, never to be separated again from Elohim.

The Sons of Elohim will inherit and share the throne of Elohim together with the Father and the Son, who is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

This is the love story of Elohim. Their name is YHVH, and if you behold the hand and behold the nail, you also inherit that name and become Elohim, for love is to become one forever.